"The empires of the
future are the
empires of the
mind." ~ Winston
Eric Rosemann and Associates, LLC acquired
the rights to continue this training program
established by Frank Perry and Associates, Inc.
on January 1, 2015. Although Frank Perry and
Associates, Inc. is no longer associated with the
content and delivery of this unique and world-
renowned program, the training standards set
by Frank Perry is now ERA’s mission is to
maintain the integrity, quality and intent to
The MTC Program
The Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainer® Course was created to fulfill a
need for qualified instructors requiring a true H2S train-the-trainer event and
certification.  This new 5-day course was developed to create the highest level of
professionals in the field of H2S training.  It offers the knowledge and
preparation necessary to conduct H2S Instructor Development Courses on your
own.  Included is an emphasis on Adult Learning and Education techniques that
will enable you to transfer those concepts to any of your other training

The H2S Master Trainer Course meets or exceeds the training requirements for
the ANSI/ASSE Z490.1-2009 Criteria for Accepted Practices in Health, Safety
and Environmental Training standard, as well as the updated ANSI/ASSE Z390.1-
2017 Accepted Practices for Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training Programs

The 2-day Adult Learning and Education Section includes:

  •  the learning environment,
  •  how adults learn,
  •  generational learning comparisons
  •  motivating adult learners,
  •  curriculum development,
  •  effective presentation skills and concepts,
  •  handling questions,  
  •  evaluation of learning and;
  •  managing your HSE programs.  

The 3-day H2S Training Section includes:  

  •  American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practices,
  •  All elements necessary to qualify the Train-the-Trainer instructor under
    the most recently published version (2017) of the ANSI/ASSE Z390.1
  •  Study of the ANSI/ASSE Z390.1 Elements and Comparisons to other H2S
    Standards world-wide
  • Train the Trainer Course Development Elements
  •  case studies and;
  •  program evaluation techniques.

Materials will include copies of the:

  •  ANSI/ASSE Z490.1-2009
  •  ANSI/ASSE Z390.1-2017,  
  •  the newly revised Adult Learning and Education Workbook developed
    by Dr. Anne Perry, PhD
  •  the latest edition of the H2S Instructor Development Workbook
  •  a flashdrive with a complete H2S train-the-trainer presentation,
  •  videos and;
  •  an H2S end-user presentation PowerPoint as a template

Attendees should have completed a train-the-trainer H2S trainer certification
and should have a minimum of 3 years experience teaching H2S and/or other
health, safety, and environmental training courses.

Recertification is every 3 years by either attending a live recertification class or
take advantage of the new online Electronic-Recertification Program
The MTC Electronic-Recertification Program (eMTCR)
ANSI Z390.1  requires that instructors conduct at least two courses a year and
"attend an H2S instructor re-fresher course" as part of the Instructor
Qualification and Proficiency section of the Standard.

This also applies to the graduates of the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainer®
Program re-certify our Masters every three years since their completion of the
original Master Trainer Course (MTC).  The purpose of such recertification is to
review and/or update:

  •   changes in regulations and/or standards
  •  changes in technologies associated with H2S
  •  skill sets in adult training techniques, theory, performance, etc.
  •  communication opportunities between Masters, Community & Regulators
  •  Instructor Development Course (IDC) materials

If you are still in time-compliance, ERA-LLC developed a long-distance learning
program that meets the Standard for refresher (including live-instructor
activities). This was designed to enable recertification for our Masters (especially
for those overseas) and offer a low-cost alternative to the 5 day recertification
program although we encourage the 5 day program (also at a discount) for it's
networking value and updated Adult Learning Module.  For an application for
this Program, click
The 2019 MTC Course Schedule - Fort Worth, Texas. April 15-19
The April 2019 MTC venue has been selected!  We have selected a hotel and
conference near downtown Fort Worth, TX. You may download an application for
this Course
HERE or please email Eric Rosemann at eric@era-llc.com to obtain
an application or mote detail for this course.

The venue is easily accessible to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

All of our venues have been designed to make the training environment and
experience a memorable one as well as in response to our student’s input at the
end of previous sessions. Consideration was made to make access to the training
venue easy by either land or air.  Of equal import, availability and variety of
meals, both on and off-site were a requisite. As you will learn in our Adult
Learning section of the MTC, the actual training room is critical to the learning
environment and access to Internet is also noted in the feedback we have seen.
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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainer® Program
save lives by producing the best trainers in the world for this critical safety
subject.  The registered trademark of “Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainer®”
(MTC) is now owned by Eric Rosemann and Associates, LLC
A Listing of the MTC Graduates
This is a complete listing of the graduates of the MTC.  Currently, there are 124
that have graduated.  It does not imply that all those listed are
current Master
Trainers.  To verify that a particular Master Trainer is current, have them
present to you their original or recertification certificate for verification. That
certificate should not be older than three years to be in compliance with the
Z-390.1 Standard.
I have noted the Masters that are in current status according to the records provided to me by Frank Perry in
green. If you are a current (trained or re certified within the last three (3) years) Master Trainer and I have
classified you in error, my apologies and please contact me by email (
eric@era-llc.com) with your certificate
so that I can make this listing as accurate as possible.
Ali, Wajid
AlSaad, Mazen H
Avila, Joseph
Aviles V, Teodore "Dodie"
Baker, Wayne
Berido, Oemor
Bryan, Matt
Cox, Ronald D, II
Crutcher, Phillip
Dore, Ted
Fajardo III, Peter Victor
Hassan El-Sayed, Aly Elsayed
Acosta, Adrian
Acosta, Conrad
Aguirre, Bailey
Al Nashef, Ghorob
Armstrong, Larry
Arnold, Kenneth
Bell, David
Benavides, David
Bray, George
Brian, Jerry
Brinkman, Dan
Brown, Joe Bob
Bryant, Michael
Buford, Chad
Cain, Zack
Canada, Darrel
Cantu, Freddie
Cook, Michael L
Crutcher, David
Cruz, Amancio
Cruz, Wilson
Cuervo, Mauricio
Cullen, Luke
Cuabo, Alfie T
Davenport, Randy
Dimarucot, Andres Angelo
DuVoisin, Rick
Earls, Aubrey W
Emberling, Richard
Fairbanks, Fred
Ferguson, Stephen
Pettus, Todd
Porter, Tara
Pyzdrowski, Edward
Qutishat, Marwan
Rajan, Anies
Reed, CSP, Owen
Reeves, Kenneth
Rodriguez, Jose
Rudloff, Dale
Ruple, Will
Ruppe, Cameron S
Ruybalid, Joseph
Ryel, Joyce
Sahib, Rafat Salah
Salem, Samy Fathallah
Samuel, Varghese
Sanders, Phillip
Shanle, Adam
Smahlik, Henry
Stegner, Brice
Stupnik, Dmitriy
Stonicher, Mark
Tijerina, Ralph
Vararu, Valentin
Waldrep, Bill
Watson, Charles
Wells, Tim
Wood, Kevin
Youll, Peter J
Zaben, Bob
NEW! The IDC Electronic-Recertification Program (eIDCR)
ANSI Z390.1  requires that instructors conduct at least two courses a year and
Qualification and Proficiency section of the Standard.

In the US, there are several Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainers® that offer
Instructor Development Courses (IDC) that will meet the recertification
standard and attending one of those courses offered by a Master Trainers® is
encouraged.  I can give you the names of those IDC programs that I have
personally reviewed for compliance to the ANSI Z390.1 (2017) standard if you will
drop me an email requesting that information.

I don't normally compete with my Master Trainers® and their IDC courses and
recertification's, but I do have a few " IDC special courses" primarily outside of
the US.  As a result of the current travel visas / issues in the US and other
restrictions. I have decided to expand the concept of electronic recertification for
not only Master Trainers®, but offer the same program for those students that
have taken the Eric Rosemann and Associates, LLC' IDC program ONLY.

If you are a former ERA-LLC IDC student and wish to recertify and receive an
ERA-LLC certificate to that effect, complete the eIDCR application by
downloading the form
HERE.  Complete the application and be specific on the
date of your IDC training you completed with ERA and we can begin the
recertification process.
Hollbrook, William
Huseyin, Dindar
Khan, Rizwan
Langley, David

Matthews, Robert
Marantan, Joel
Maarouf, Mohammed
McCann, Dean
Mignerey, Jerry
McNeal, Jason
Miller, Chad
Moss, Richard

Murthy, K.N.K.
Painter, Jeffrey
Perez, Ramon
Pevey, Lonnie
Quereshi, Javeed Anwer
Ramadan, Mohammad
Salem, Samy Fathallah
Smiley, Stan
Tanveer, Mian Khurram (Katee)
Thomas, Danny
Wiesman, Darrell L
Williams, James
Williams, Jamie
Ferry, Westley
Flores, Fermin
Frakes, Melvin "Dean"
Frampton, Scott
Gariby, Bryant
Garner, Michael
Green, Mark
Guerrero, Arabico
Guillory, Richard R
Hamilton, James H
Hoggatt, Larry
Hollbrook, William
Itani, Marwan
Johnson, Clint
Kamal, Ahmad
Kemp, John
Kesavapillai, Gopakumar
Knight, Drue
LeDoux, Charles
Lopez, Gerald
Mashaev, Nurlan
Matthews, Robert
McGill, Marc
Miller, Chad
Mold, Mike
Moreno, C.J.
Nevill, Mickey
New, Roger
Osman, Ali
Pak, Michael
Perez, Ramon
A Very Special Listing of the Graduates from the first-ever MTC Course outside of the US,
sponsored and held in the Sunbelt-Lanprell Facility in Dubai, UAE.  Congratulations all!
Berido, Oermor
Cosinero, Ephraim
Dejaresco, Gregg Joseph
Dino, Roselito Turla
Guerrero, Alberto
Guerrero, Arabico Tiles
Razaq, Abdulkarim
Real, Florencio
Rivera, Marcrance
Sherwany, Anmar