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Areas of Expertise
 Oilfield Explosives

 Radiation Protection

 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety
  HazMat Transportation
I have been very fortunate in my 40+ years of
work experience to participate in a wide
spectrum of exciting opportunities that have
allowed me to build a very comprehensive
health, safety, environmental (HSE) practice
that focuses on the integration of Health,
Safety, Environmental and other quality (HSE)
concepts and activities into the operational

Navy experience on the flight deck of an
aircraft carrier offers an interesting insight
into simultaneous operations on an oil and gas
well location.  
  Regulatory Compliance

  HSE Systems Design

 Training System Design
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About ERA
Years as a successful operations manager in the electric wireline services adds to
the understanding of the dynamics of melding good training, quality, technology
and human dynamics into cohesive teams and safe, profitable operations.  By
adding years of continuous and extensive professional development in the HSE
field and a proven track record in HSE/operational performance, I believe that
these experiences offer a unique and special approach to these demanding
business issues of HSE/operational excellence.

I like to describe my professional philosophy in that I am an operations manager
that "gets it", i.e., I understand that safety is the management of risk and it is
by considering all aspects of designing a good operational system, I can minimize
the potential or risk of damage to people, property, process and the environment.
I also submit that this extends to damage to reputation by these same techniques
of risk management. I speak the language of business and can demonstrate that
my work produces a valuable and measurable return on investment.

For a little more about myself and my Operational / HSE background, please click
HERE to see a nice Personality Profile by the Well Servicing Magazine of the
Association of Energy Services (AESC)
I am an operational
manager that "gets
it", i.e. safety is the
management of risk
in operational design