ERA-LLC is designed to help our Clients to establish an integrated Operational /
HSE system that will meet and exceed requirements of the regulators, law,
Clients and Internal requirements in very practical terms, develop the internal
Operational / HSE resource and then stand by to assist as necessary. The
“Associates” part is our ability to put together the right people, the right skills
and the right answers to meet those Operational / HSE needs.
Our Mission for Operational and HSE Excellence
In December of 2015, ERA-LLC was honored by
Frank Perry, CSP, and the developer of the Hydrogen
Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainer® Program with the
transfer of the trademark.  This completes the legal
transfer of all the intellectual properties associated
with this unique and globally recognized Program to
Eric Rosemann, CSP
Christmas Tree
ERA-LLC, in conjunction with the previous announcement has established a
Linkedin group for those interested in Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training
Connecting the Alumni of the Frank Perry and Associates' and Eric Rosemann
and Associates' Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainer® Program worldwide,
This Linkedin Group is to provide a worldwide communications venue for the
those interested in Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainer® Program and  on the
subject of hydrogen sulfide safety training per the ANSI Z390 standard in general.
Do you have or plan on conducting explosive wireline operations in Kansas? If so,
a permit from the Office of the State Fire Marshal (KFM) is required for the use
and storage of all explosives, regardless of purpose. Three types of explosive
permits are offered by that office:

  • A Permit to Use Explosives is required for any individual or organization
    (company, corporation, business, etc.) that wishes to use explosives.

  • A Permit to Blast Explosives is required for any individual actually
    handling the explosives.

  • A Permit to Store Explosives is required for the specific site explosives will
    be stored. The Storage Permit Application must be signed by the local
    jurisdiction prior to submission to our office.  Failure to do so will cause a
    delay in processing your application.

The KFM utilizes the NFPA 495 protocols and as noted, all applicants must
indicate who trained them. The application will be denied if no training is
provided. If you are renewing an existing Permit or applying for new one, a KFM-
approved explosive training program is required for your employees that are
covered by these permits.

ERA's 8-hour Explosives Safety Training Program has KFM approval.  However,
ERA can developed a KFM-approved explosive safety training program
specifically for your company so that you can satisfy this training requirement in-
house with considerable savings to your company.  Please click on the KFM
Banner to link you to their website for more information and permit downloads.  
For more information on the ERA Explosive Safety Programs,
click here or look
under “Services” in our navigation bar to the left.
Link to the Kansas State Fire Marshall Webpage
Coil Tubing Unit
Explosive Perforator Illustration
Checking for H2S
Sunset Drilling Rig
Well Log
ERA is a proud affiliate and supporter of these organizations.  Click on each icon
to go to their respective websites for more information and how to join.
Link to AESC Webpage
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Providing Operational/Health, Safety and Environmental
(HSE) guidance and services primarily, but not limited to,
upstream Oil and Gas Industry service companies and
producers. One of the missions of my Practice is to
acknowledge that small companies or start-ups may not have
professional comprehensive HSE resources available to them
internally, but do need to begin the process of developing that
in-house resource as the company grows.
Historically, I attended Frank’s Instructor Development Class or IDC (Train-the-
Trainer) in March of 1993 and I have been associated with that program and
ultimately in the original Master’s Program in March of 2008, fifteen years almost
to the day and Frank had let me help him from time to time to contribute to the
MTC since then.  

Frank and I have the same approach to not only the MTC, but HSE in general and
for us, “it’s not about the bucks, it’s about saving lives” and so, with that mantra
in place, ERA-LLC will continue its stewardship of the MTC established by Frank,
offering quality content, instruction, information and networking at the same
prices as possible.  For more details on the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master
Trainer® Program,
click here or look under “Master H2S” in our navigation bar to
the left
Link to H2S Master Trainer Group
"It's not about
the bucks, it's
about saving
Consumer Alert! We have been informed of a training institution that has incorporated
the copyrighted trademark "
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Master Trainer®" in their certificate in
violation of federal laws and protections.  For more information, please follow the
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