Using a "Sturdy/Quality Tree" analog, the SafeOPSystem® is a
Management System that defines the principles by which a company
can conduct operations with regards to health, safety, and the
environment in an integrated system with these principles defining
the "Trunk" of the system and ten "Major Branches" of management
components attached to the model's "Trunk" to deal with your ever-
changing operational and regulatory environments. Company
Commitment to this System is the basis for the "Roots".  The stronger
and deeper the Commitment, the stronger the Tree.

The SafeOPSystem® communicates the HSE/Operations philosophy to
all employees, customers, contractors, and third parties associated
with our business, and each Client organization must provide positive
evidence of conformance to the system.

The SafeOPSystem® model comprises ten interconnected
management components (not in any particular order of importance):

  • Leadership, Operational Commitment and Accountability
  • Risk Management
  • Policies and objectives
  • Training & Education
  • Contractor and Supplier Management
  • Operational/Business Processes (Standard Operating
  • Management Monitoring of Performance and Improvement
  • Audits and Reviews by Management
  • Management of Change/Document control (MOC)
  • Regulatory Compliance

These are continuously improved by conformance checks (Quality
Circle concepts)

  • on daily operational standards and procedures (controls)
  • on the management system itself (correction)
  • through modifications to the management system as needed
  • test improvements and make changes again if warranted

This system has its uniqueness in the elements of training &
education to communicate the elements in the system to the affected
clients, both internally and externally in an consistent presentation
format that is easily adaptable to methods of adult learning styles
(Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic or VAK)

This ability to learn the elements and their sub-sets of programs that
make the system work is critical so that the users of the system can
be a part of the development, integration and maintenance of the
system in a meaningful, sustainable and efficient way.

* Definitions

A system is sturdy, foundation, relatively inflexible) that is the
backbone of the system along with specific program

A program is adjustable, very flexible, topical and supports the System
SafeOPSystem® an Integrated Management System
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What is the SafeOPSystem®?